Viva 340 - letterpress

Letterpress has made a revolution in the printing business a few decades ago. Nowadays, everyone agrees to say that letterpress is losing market facing uv flexo on one side and offset on the other side.

It is true that major improvements have been made in uv flexo to allow printers to reach good quality with a more convenient technology than rotary letterpress.

However, a semi-rotary letterpress machine is still much more convenient for production of short and medium label runs than uv flexo.
Semi-rotary technology allows working all sizes without ever changing cylinders or rollers.
Good quality printing is not subject to the right anilox roller. You can adjust your printing by adjusting the inking system.

On a VIVA 340 Letterpress, the printing plates go directly from the pre-press department to the machine, where they are installed in a few seconds on the magnetic cylinders. Time saving is the key element of fast set-up.

All the pre-register operations are done very rapidly thanks to an electronic system, without wasting any material.


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